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Long time, no see, brothers and sisters. I hope the music i have found have touched many out there.

I have found out that its really not necessary adding videos on this blog, cause there is other and better alternatives out there. On the program Spotify, you can find some of them, and is a great website, where you easily find youtube-content with a lot of these artists as well.

My goal with this site was to show the richness of different types of christian artists and bands. And with over 13 thousand views at this moment, I would say that I have managed to reach out to a lot of people.

If there is any christian artists, you guys would like to recommend, please write in the comment field so people can seek them up.

God Bless!

EDIT 10.september: and a great site where you find a lot of christian music is

Here are some tips for christian rappers, for those who love that: Eric Cross, Dokument, Tunnel Rats, J.R., Japhia Life, New Breed, Mars Ill, Phanatik, Rob Hodge, Spear Hit (reagge), Theory Hazit, Willie Will.

I now see that the site soon has 17.000 hits, and I love to see that its being used! Once again, God Bless you all, and i wish you a good listening time

Marty =)


Seventh Day Slumber – Oceans From The Rain

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Seventh Day Slumber – From the Inside Out

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